Have some fun in N.Y.

The new editorial from W magazine issue no 61, photographed by Mario Sorrenti. It's a chaos - in positive meaning - and insane, crazy... It's a totallly different New York as Carrie's one - in another way, but  it also magnetizes me!!! It reminds me to 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', the unconsciousness of it...

I love that reallly-reallly strong styling, the statement clothes and accesories, and i was happy to discover my favorite d&g "upholstered" dress from this season!(on picture 5) I love that cool irony which is radiating from it!

And please, while watching these pictures, listen to that Beastie Boys song called 'Intergalactic', it perfectly matches with it ;)


Popping up comparison

Here you are some more photos from the pop mag editorial with Kinga Rajzak. When i first saw these pics, some old editorial from Dazed occured to me. The mood, the colors, the humour, some styling elements are giving me the same feelings... After all both of them are flawless!!!

(the rest you can see here...)

And those photos from Dazed...

random findings

Some pics which cannot fit in any post, or i am lazy to gather more for them...

Kinga Rajzak in Pop magazine.... weird, blankness, overwhelming, beautiful... i will put up more pics from it  

'Put on a happy face' - Vogue Paris September

Some random streetstyle pic...

Flair-September-i adore the color of the lips, soooo yammy ;)


Another cover of Tavi

Pop will have been a second cover, also with Tavi.

Here you are! Thoughtful, isn't it?

I'm always thinking what i did at the age of 13... nothing special, compared with a magazine cover! I think i read a lot of books and maybe played with my Barbie dolls ;)

Typical thoughts

When i was a little child, i ate ice cream only in girly colours like pink and white... typically girlish logic... and one day i realised that terrible brown one tasted like chocolate, so since then i ate almost only chocolate ice cream... typically women thinking...



Current favorite song...



As soon as I was told where to buy macaroons in Budapest, i went there with one of my friends - with whom i am sharing my passion for macaroon!!! I bought a giant one in - of course - chocolate flavour ;)  

At home i dived into some photoproject with my sweetie... here is the result, a very simple one...

Macaroon and Cavalli....

PS: I haven't tasted it yet, i'm waiting for the real hunger....

 PPS: The hunger came, i have eaten The macaroon!!! Hmmmmm, it was absolutely marvellous... i should try the mini ones with different flower-flavours...


Obsession of the week

I've decided to launch a new type of post, "Obsession of the week". In these posts every week i would like to introduce you an object or whatever which made pique my attention in some way... and i will show it to you in some creative way, i try, really try... ;)

It is good for you and also good for me ;)

              "Sticks necklace" from Je Suis Belle


My current scent...

Good Monday Morning!

(house of holland tights)



W mag, September issue, Craig McDean, Sasha Pivovarova. Silent film, burlesque, irony...



I know that this is a very boring and discussed-a-hundred-times theme, but i've found an old pic of Anja Rubik and i couldn't recognize her... and nowadays i'm thinking of changing my hair color, so made a little research trough models... and of course eliminated Linda Evangelista, the biggest chameleon of all time model-history.

So here they are, my transformers, a little then-and-now collection.

Anja Rubik

Agyness, my Hero... but her latest editorial in Harper's Bazaar with the Michael-imitation, it is pathetic...but it isn't her fault. Ohh, and i liked her reddish, too ;)

Mariacarla - unequivocally as blond!!!

Daul Kim - when i first saw her blond, i was shocked... but my eyes are getting used to it.

Iekeliene Stange - the same feelings as with Daul...

Kate - for a couple of years i've been able to appreciate her... a lot. She's a big survivor.

Lara - i can't believe that she's on that cover... ammaaaazing.

Kinga Rajzak - our Kinga!!!!! I love both hair!!!! Let's go on Kinga!!!!


Styling men

I'm wondering again and again how various can be styling men editorials... It is hiding much more challenge to do... I am eagerly following the works of Nicola Formichetti, whose job is always takes me to a higher level of imagination...

These are not His works, these were lying in one of my collections on the computer... random simply beautiful photos and styling... i just wanna share... The first series from a model agency where i was working, it was a job of one of our models from The East.... The other one, seriously no idea ;)

Have fun for the weekend!!!