Granny? Is that you?

PS: I really really do luv ya, but your hair... it wasn't a good choise :(


A.M. from 2006

Impractical? What?

Dazed & Confused. February 2010.

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"I don"t feel threatened!"

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Is it still in?

Yes, it is!

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And a genius one... i remember i was very afraid of the moving rubber head... it is really frightening ;)

Something is happening II.

We are working something new, something good, but you should wait till February to know more...

Until then here you are some behind the scenes photos... and yes, it was very freezing ;)

And a video from a shooting before...


obsession of the week...

... is this dress form Adel Kovacs. She is a remarkable designer and as you can see, her creativity is beyond all the borders we've known. Yes, my lovely reader, these black plastic things are "tweeters" against theft!!! And you should believe me, they make the dress really heavy ;)

Check out Adel's work here!


i ain't prudish, but

This is some of another editorial from the mentioned Size Issue of V magazine. 

"The Editorial is described as follows:

In Barcelona, Public Nudity Is Not Only Accepted, It's Encouraged. Supermodel Iris Strubegger Exercises Her Right To Bare All. Proving That Skin Is Always In And Confidence Is Always Required.

I really don't know... public nudity is one thing, bare skin is another one, but these pics - Iris is posing like a very beautiful, but cheap slut at a corner in the suburb. I think there should be a border, a limit of using a model's naked body "pour l'art pour l'art"... In my eyes there should be a thin line between art-fashion-preposterousness-irony and meaningless vulgarism and humiliation. 

And i am really far-far from being an extreme feminist!!!
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PS: I may be too sensitive today, 'cause i've shown these to my boyfriend and he felt nothing of what i mentioned above... i'm confused now!

something is happening


I'm laughing and crying at the same time!

Why? Because of this editorial pics, which will be in the V Magazine's new issue called the Size Issue. Yes, it is good that we could see alternatives of the skinny models, we could get different manifestations of Beauty and Feminine Forms. 

We can enumerate some examples from 2009: Beth Ditto on the cover of Love mag, I LOVE YOU MAGAZINE #3 DECEMBER 2009 or the Mark Fast show at the London Fashion Week. These cases made not only salute wavings but outcry and disgust... 

I think nothing will change, no one would really follow this path... Maybe nowadays it's in fashion to handle with this theme and nothing more at all. It's only advertisement and business!

But maybe i'm not optimistic enough... ;)

What do You think?

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Thank you, Anna?

"Twenty years ago a stylist's job consisted of “being the handmaiden. Literally on her knees, picking up the pins from the floor. It all changed in the late 1980s, when the names of fashion editors were put on magazine pages. Anna Wintour did it when she first came to edit British Vogue, because she believed they deserved acknowledgement for their work. Then, in the age of the supermodel, the fashion show became a huge great production. You’d sit at a fashion show, and say, ‘Who is the stylist?’, as if that was the key.”"

Eniko and the Butterfly

Greg Kadel's video on the cover shooting of October issue of Numéro...


i would have never thought: Beyoncé and Lady Gaga in one video, and dancing together like two wonderwoman. Unbelievable!

Plus: in a while we could be the witnesses of the blossom of Lady G - she had never been my favorite, i've never thought that she's something remarkable... but something happened with her face - maybe the less or better make-up, but she's getting more beautiful!!! Here you are, an evidence ;)