Some of me

In this summer i've finally done my diploma work at an art school - it was about styling and its borders... There were some months when i had to experiment... one of my tools was the scanner... here are some results of experimenting... not the best ones, but you can get a feeling...


I'm totally off for the first time

Hello everybody! This is my first note and i'm a litttle bit drunk... but it's only about 7 pm... It's not usual, but s*t happens every day. Sooo, i'm here, just right now, totally nothing to say, but who cares.. A new age is coming, no, it's here just right now!

Some details for the future: i hate silicon bra straps,  "wearing-bag-and-shoe-at-the-same-colour-at-the-same-time" thing, matching jewellery set at the same time, plastic nails, anything with classic rhinstones, etc. But.... never say never... These are stereotypes, but not in my country... so....

One more thing occures to me right now: "plastic perfection",which i read in the Barbie Black issue of italian Vogue... it's a statement issue, everyone should read and adore it!!!