i don't know

why this editorial caught in my eye... maybe my feeling are the same as the mood on these pics... a little bit of daze, a little daydreaming with cloudy eyes, a lost-in-the-world-and-also-in-my-mind-feeling...whatever. Cool pics!

Oh, and from the March issue of Zink mag. (via fashioncopious)


Hello everyone, my one or two readers! I think one or two of you stayed with me... Sorry guys, i'm working my ass off, i'm always tired and sometimes i forget why i started this blogging thing. It was some kind of a...self-realization in a way, and i love to do it. It is odd from me to put myself to the centre and open my mind and heart - 'cause i felt and feel that is exactly what i'm doing here: opening!

So, this was a little confession - and a still voice of my conscience! I'm not promising anything, but i'm asking some patience and insistence from all of you! I am trying all my best not to behave like this anymore!

I am trying!



Nicola, the genius...

According to a magazine cover i don't get really excited... but having seen this cover on Nicola's blog ... i  got very curious about the whole editorial... and here it is ;)

I really love those editorials which are rich in details you can dwell on the smart parts and creative styling solutions! 

i love her...

Tilda Swinton by Paolo Roversi. Magnifique!

(via vogue.co.uk)


flying hair

i am speechless... the music... the moves...

Lily Donaldson. Directed by Matthew Donaldson. Her father.