the most contradictional thing of mine

...is this cute porcelain kitty from a flea market...the quintessence of kitsch! But in some way it suits me ;)

insanity continues...



behind the curtains

From Crash magazine.Dreaming and planning on Kenzo's fall/winter 09 collection (in the grey gardens...)

(you can check the whole editorial here)



The Foster Twins. MILK X November 09.

Let the pics delight. While. Listen to this.

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random tights

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Can't believe it's her

The "little" Dakota Fanning, in Teen Vogue December. (via)

Lilly Allen in Elle HongKong... (via)

Nothing is enough

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one of my new centers of thinking... be reddish...

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UI: I've found a blog called redheadmodels.blogspot.com..... ?


Gareth Pugh's closest friends and muse, Katie Shillingford has done an amazing job in styling this Cavalcade, far-far from her friend's world and visions... 

Dazed&Confused. December.

How ironic our life is...

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This two pics are from the december issue of Amica Italy. Luca Gadjus is definitely a 21th century model and woman, with a lot of faces. I'm a huge fan of this re-trendy androgyn style, but i'm not sure of her masculin look...  She looks incomparably much better and totally amazing being more feminin. Her hair makes her beautiful!!!!
It's not necessary to make everybody neutral!!!!

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The first victim

Daphne Guinness at Nars 15x15 Launch Party...

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The Mnemosyne project

A beautiful film and a breathtaking music, but i had no clue on the scent itself...

Daphne Guinness collaborates with Comme des Garçons, and the result is Daphne, the parfume.



Peep show á la Chanel

At the spring-summer 2010 show of Chanel, one model got a little hidden spy camera onto her head, to follow her steps at the backstage and on the runway also... She was Nastya Karzan, and having the amazing black hair and blue eyes combination i bet we surely will hear about her again and again!!!

These is Nastya, on the show.

And here is the video, enjoy it and imagine yourself as a model on the runway ;)

P.S.: Originally i wanted to show you somehow the second pics on her for weeks, but i didn't know how and why... and for some insane reason, i paired it with another pic; here you are, my original thought on that photo... a subsequent evidence of my weirdness ;)

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Playing with the devil

While i was looking for pics for the previous post, this old editorial came across to me. It is from the  dec-jan contracted issue of Paris Vogue from 2006. I adore these photos, at school i had written a short assay about it. The photographer was Terry Richardson, the fashion editor was Carine Roitfeld. The whole story is walking around exorcism, woodoo things and many-many hint to different movies, believes and superstitions... i am absolutely loving it!!!

Enjoy it, and forget the strange scanning remains ... but i like pics looking like these ;)