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Random Tuesday

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Changing time, changing habits?

From the American Harper's Bazaar from 1915:

"The woman who hasn't at least one Chanel is hopelessly out of the running in fashion."

So what do you think? Has anything changed since then? Is it Chanel that shouldn't be missing from your wardrobe or something else? 

(According to me for example some Chanel bags could get some room in my wardrobe... as soon as possible)


Playing the cards they're dealt...

I really really love the nice inner book coats - they make even worth holding books in hand and starting reading. 

And what about playing to match our clothes to these "coats"? Just for fun...

Macaroons by Marni

Marni collaborated with the famous tea salon and "macaroon-factory" Ladurée, and here you can see the result, the brand new biscuit á la mode, in chocolate flavour with gold cover.  The maniac is spreading....


A sort of sentimentality

What a different world that was with a lot of somehow familiar faces?... Or does it really differ from this one???

very intergalactical thoughts - reminds me to chat with my boyfriend's relatives




Is that a joke?

When i saw this editorial (Vogue Germany November), i felt a little bit embarrassed. What is that all about? Is that a joke to laugh at? Or is it deeply serious? I really can not decide it... For being a joke it's not to sophisticated, not styled well, could have been more delicately humorous. I could catch all the effort behind the idea, understand the aim, but this time it turned out to be something not good enough. (for me, at any rate) Sorry guys, im not convinced at all!!!

What do you think?

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I always knew that day should come. And here it is. I've surrended myself. Here you are (at right), you can read my one and only profile... (only the "About me" section, because the favorite book, film, etc section would take a really long time...but i will also succeed in writing it) It was the hardest thing to do in my blogosphere-life ;) Really! 

(the picture of me is still waiting for  - maybe to be born...)



This video doesn't show much of the book itself, but the aim wasn't this. But it surely does gain its end, i'm really curious about the whole project. And watching it i'm wondering whether i would able to do such thing... a book or something full with my own imaginations and creations... hmmmm, one day i will reach my dreams, 'cause i want them very very seriously ;)

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extraterritorial or simply strange yet beautiful or just matches my mood



From the movie 'Death becomes her'...

From Viktor&Rolf ss2010... without any 3d trick... Awesome, love, love!!! (if i ever go to a ball, i would definitely choose from these gowns)

i know it's not new, but...

I'm very new in the so-called twilight-mania and i'm not a huge member! But: i've already read the first book, and it was amazing.

Some days ago i saw the movie, but it wasn't as good as the book - but all the more the soundtrack is brilliant!!! Here you some of my favorites - i think everyone has already known them except me... yes, i know i'm sometimes late ;)

Unfortunately, i found from this song videoclips only with stupid pictures or from live concerts where the sound is very bad.....so you should listen to this genius song with your eyes closed! Please!!!

Again, i had to choose: so while listening to this you should browse on the internet... ;)

Back with 160 grams

Sorry for my being mute for a while, but i had a very tough period in my life: the magazine and some other creative things to enjoy some "self-realisation"... ;)

(later i will show some results)

But i'm back with this editorial from a newly introducing magazine called 160 g!!! How strange and yet fun!!! Enjoy!

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