He is a huge loss for us...

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THE Woman

The video is genius, she's unbelievable and i would like to have at least one percent of her feminity!!!!


"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.


boring! boring?

We've seen pics like this for a hundred times, maybe it is getting boring, but it still works!

Vogue Italia May 2010

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No need for words... Numero #113 - Solve Sundsbo - Dree Hemingway
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this is

exactly the same as i can sleep...but i'm not as beautiful as Rebecca

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dear everyone!

Sorry for some of my weird posts from the near past... i had some very serious trouble in my life, and i wanted somehow to express my feelings about it...
But i'm coming back, it is time to go back to the normal path of this blog, sooo here you are, the time of the old but hopefullynot boring posts are coming soon!!!



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i am scared.

really. what the hell is this?

Vogue Russia May 2010. Iris Strubegger or Heidi Mount by Paolo Roversi. (maybe the first one)

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i want

a life as pure, simple and natural as these pics...

Dazed 2010 May.

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This is

how i feel nowadays. Untitled, confused... 

So gimme the perfume!

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from Milan I.



One of my best friends sent me this scene from the movie Donnie Darko today, with a warning sentence, that if we aren't able to meet, she should do the same...

My favorite song occurred to me from the same movie, so here you are, enjoy! I guess everyone knows it...


"This is the last post of the broken heart, never ever will be shown again..."

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LIST magazine

Read it! Watch it! Love it! Share it!

List magazine


i don't know

why this editorial caught in my eye... maybe my feeling are the same as the mood on these pics... a little bit of daze, a little daydreaming with cloudy eyes, a lost-in-the-world-and-also-in-my-mind-feeling...whatever. Cool pics!

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Hello everyone, my one or two readers! I think one or two of you stayed with me... Sorry guys, i'm working my ass off, i'm always tired and sometimes i forget why i started this blogging thing. It was some kind of a...self-realization in a way, and i love to do it. It is odd from me to put myself to the centre and open my mind and heart - 'cause i felt and feel that is exactly what i'm doing here: opening!

So, this was a little confession - and a still voice of my conscience! I'm not promising anything, but i'm asking some patience and insistence from all of you! I am trying all my best not to behave like this anymore!

I am trying!



Nicola, the genius...

According to a magazine cover i don't get really excited... but having seen this cover on Nicola's blog ... i  got very curious about the whole editorial... and here it is ;)

I really love those editorials which are rich in details you can dwell on the smart parts and creative styling solutions! 

i love her...

Tilda Swinton by Paolo Roversi. Magnifique!

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flying hair

i am speechless... the music... the moves...

Lily Donaldson. Directed by Matthew Donaldson. Her father.


Dear Lula,

I live in Budapest, Hungary. This is a small country and we - who are interested in fashion - are starving here, 'cause there is no Lula mag in our homeland! If you could be sooo kind to send me a sample, i could show it to my fellow sufferers ;)

Thanx for your kind attention

All the best


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