Here you are... It's me and two of my recent favorites things: a new hat from Je Suis Belle (it was a gift to me by me) and a one-and-only totally red holga cam (xmas gift from my family) !!! The hat is sooo warm and looks like made of a teddy bear with ears ;)

And the Holga... honestly i don't know it yet, but after three days of constant family-visiting we will go to a short weekend to a wonderful place in Hungary called Egerszalók. It will be a four-dayed rest and recreation... and at last a little vacation for both of us ;)  And while having a rest, i will certainly try to find out how to make wonderful photos with this reddish miracle! You will surely see the results ;)

(updating) PS: Remember! Don't forget to take off the lens cap!!! I Did! But fortunately not every time...



Sorry for my long absence from my blog, but there were a lot of things to do before the holidays!

With this stupidity i would like to wish all of you the happiest xmas ever!!!!!

And i will come back soon, i promise ;)


statement photos - stronge women


(all from fashion gone rouge)



At very long last... I've finally got it... 'THE" Parfume... Daisy...from Marc...



P.s.: Thanx for Moni és Zsofi!!!


manifestation of my laziness #2

Some clever sentences from some clever person...

Anna Dello Russo
"Just an example: for fashion shows, I remember that I used to need 30 outfits. Today, for the fashion weeks in New York, Milan, and Paris. I have to bring at least 90 outfits."

Daphne Guinness
"I think fashion is over. Or if it isn't over, I believe we've reached a saturation point. No wonder there is no authenticity. The future stopped in the 60's. Before that, you had everyone looking forward, and now it's just a tide of people looking back. What i'm really looking toward is the future."

Tabitha Simmons
"Fashion has sped up so much due to the internet. I don't understand what race we are all trying to win."

Olivier Zahm
"I'm afraid that people grab the new appealing, exciting thing with less and less of a personal filter. This immediate absorbing of fashion trends by the masses is slowly but surely destroying personal style. People become instant customers in the social confusion and narcissistic liberal competition."

(citations from here)


Happy Santa Claus Day!

In Hungary, on 6th December we are celebrating Santa Claus day! Don't ask me why, but on this day Santa Claus is coming to every hungarian children and giving some sweets to the good ones, but some "little birch" to the bad ones...

So, my cat Macs and I are sending you our best wishes !!!!!



"The daydreamer’s nightmare is to never even try."

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manifestation of my laziness

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the most contradictional thing of mine

...is this cute porcelain kitty from a flea market...the quintessence of kitsch! But in some way it suits me ;)

insanity continues...



behind the curtains

From Crash magazine.Dreaming and planning on Kenzo's fall/winter 09 collection (in the grey gardens...)

(you can check the whole editorial here)



The Foster Twins. MILK X November 09.

Let the pics delight. While. Listen to this.

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random tights

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Can't believe it's her

The "little" Dakota Fanning, in Teen Vogue December. (via)

Lilly Allen in Elle HongKong... (via)

Nothing is enough

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one of my new centers of thinking... be reddish...

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UI: I've found a blog called redheadmodels.blogspot.com..... ?