No need for words... Numero #113 - Solve Sundsbo - Dree Hemingway
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this is

exactly the same as i can sleep...but i'm not as beautiful as Rebecca

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dear everyone!

Sorry for some of my weird posts from the near past... i had some very serious trouble in my life, and i wanted somehow to express my feelings about it...
But i'm coming back, it is time to go back to the normal path of this blog, sooo here you are, the time of the old but hopefullynot boring posts are coming soon!!!



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i am scared.

really. what the hell is this?

Vogue Russia May 2010. Iris Strubegger or Heidi Mount by Paolo Roversi. (maybe the first one)

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i want

a life as pure, simple and natural as these pics...

Dazed 2010 May.

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This is

how i feel nowadays. Untitled, confused... 

So gimme the perfume!

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from Milan I.



One of my best friends sent me this scene from the movie Donnie Darko today, with a warning sentence, that if we aren't able to meet, she should do the same...

My favorite song occurred to me from the same movie, so here you are, enjoy! I guess everyone knows it...


"This is the last post of the broken heart, never ever will be shown again..."

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