A few of Jean Paul's favorite things

One of my favorite bloggers, Jean Paul Paula, a fashion phenomenon, did something very cute. Listen and read!

"Black models on covers and vogue in the suburbs
Dior for the woman and Couture on the children
boys in high heeled boots tied up with silk strings
these are a few of my favorite things.

miuccia prada, and Balenciaga 
bigBelts, and small belts and slingback by chanel
to high for the runway strut safe and don't fall,
these are a few of my favorite things.

Girls in YSL dresses with red stars on there Sashes;
Silver white make up on nose and eyelashes;
The newest ice Mac book that melts in the spring
these are a few of my favorite things.

When the Shoes hurt
when the shades break
when I'm feeling fat
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel so bad."

(from his blog)


Coco Rocha in fall... (Vogue Korea October)

i really love the place of the blusher... same as on an old women'secret campaign - fresh, girly, but maybe totally useless

in the very same issue of Vogue Nippon, Tao Okamoto in every editorial... here sitting as a bunny on a table ;)

from a very strange editorial with Lara Stone... i really don't know what to think about it; some pictures are insane and ugly, but some - like this one -  is well-styled (but with using this CDG dress it's not a big deal)


For those who are as careless as i was

I guess everybody remember to this photo from one of my posts (from w mag). Today morning i wanted to check the contemporary art pieces on the photos, and i realized: on this picture the tourists and the man sitting on bench are themselves the artworks!!!! 

The artist is Duane Hanson, a contemporary american sculptor known for his hiperrealistic works of people from various materials. This guy was awesome! Here you are some more works...

(more info from here)



bloggers' luck


where the hell was Aggy from the HOH show???

not in a classic way

sense of erin wasson (who was the stylist)

(pics from here and here and here)



Nice shoot from Greg Kadel, and this beautiful face belongs to Eniko Mihalik (of course).

Numéro #107 October 09.

(via fashion copious)


Finding Freja

This is a new shooting from Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, for W magazine October. I think it would be a simple boring editorial without any of the models... but you can play a game imagining off Freja or Raquel... ;) And it is sooo funny seeking Freja, like a game in my childhood: there was two or more books from Richard Scarry called maybe "The Busy World" (after the tv series 'The Busy World of Richard Scarry' which hasn't be seen in Hungary)... so in these books you could see a lot of animal doing there important jobs and living their marvellous lifes. And there was a weenie on every picture, but he was hidden, so you had to find him!!! Same with Freja ;)

I like Freja's role on the pics - she's episodic, but has still a strong presence with her at first sight impassive poses and behavior.

(pics from here)


Learn your lesson

(from flickr)

An exhibition

A really kind designer friend of mine, Sára Bálint was invited me to an exhibition of fashion photographers. It was held in a small gallery in downtown, and was about - i suppose - three photographers, who would like to do some l'art pour l'art in their spare time. I'm always envy for those, who have the strength and thoughness to create something without being charged with it - simply for materializing their ideas and imaginations... i'm belong to those who usually has to be forced to do something creative - i always make a resolution to not behave like this and be more diligent ;) 

I was introduced to one of the three photographers, Anikó Huiber. You can check her pics here ;)

Here you are some pics from the evening, it's always good to know people to be proud of!


Transformers II.

It's not fresh news, but she is one of my hair muse, so i must deal with this: SHE'S GOT BLACK!!!

Should i get to think over mine????


Proud to be Chinese

Vogue China, the October issue -  nothing more to say... (pics from here)

About bloggers ;)

I'm proudly announcing my new article (the second one ;) in the October issue of hungarian Marie Claire - it is about the relationship between the fashion industry and the blogosphere... and about some important bloggers and phenomena...

Taking some pictures of the magazine was not so easy - my cat is adoring everything flat and big strange on the floor and he prefers lying on them ;)

Stylewalker Night

Sorry for not working on my blog for a couple of days (okay, at least a week), but i had some serious job to do for my school. Instead of having done my diplome in summer, one exam has left and was waiting for me soooo long. It was an interior exam, gathering and transporting furniture and stuff and making some interior story... finally i have finished it on saturday, but before then i was so busy to make everything perfect for the shooting. And since saturday evening (after shooting) i was so tired and had a nothing-to-do-but-sleep-and-rest feeling... (i will of course show you the result later ;) 

But before everything, on 10th September was - of course - The Big Fashion's Night Out. We had something similar in Budapest called Stylewalker Night, when several design stores in downtown was opened till midnight. I went to visit some shops with one of my friends, but we were a little bit late so having seen only 3 stores. We were in Catwalk, in Mono - where we could enjoy a little fashion show outside the shop. And finally we went to Pazicski, where my friend Viki bought a beautiful silk dress (a real bargain), but i was silly not taking any pictures of it or even the shop or a gorgeous necklace i totally fell in love with (i haven't bought it yet, but my time is coming!!!). There weren't a lot people in the stores or on the street, it was rather a familiar event! See you next time!

(Sorry for the quality of the pics, i haven't got a professional cam and i did some photo with my iphone - in dark...)